The High Court has delivered their judgment. Here's where we stand.

18 January 2022

The High Court Decision Has Arrived

Today, the High Court ruled against Jeremy, Kairin and Mikaela in their case against public money for oil and gas. While it’s not the decision we wanted, this campaign is far from over.

In the Court, we forced the UK government to admit that it is using public money to prop up the oil & gas industry. There’s no going back.

In the judgment, the Court accepted that individual oil & gas companies may receive more pay-outs in public money than they pay in tax. They also accepted that the Oil and Gas Authority (the UK’s oil and gas regulator) can ignore the billions of pounds in public money that prop up oil and gas companies when it decides whether or not to approve oil and gas extraction.

While the Court did not think this is unlawful, we think this is completely unacceptable in a time of bumper profits for oil and gas companies and during a climate emergency.

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People are winning the fight for social and climate justice. Late last year, Shell pulled out of the Cambo oil field and Siccar Point Energy put the project on pause. A few weeks later, a court in South Africa ordered Shell to cease its oil exploration activities after a groundswell of opposition from across the world. This is our shared struggle.

We will now consider grounds for appeal. Regardless of what we decide, the billions that the UK government has wasted propping up the oil and gas industry have finally been made public.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this case since day one. What we've achieved has only been possible with your support, whether that's been from thousands of miles away or right outside the High Court. Thank you for everything.

The fight to stop the flow of public money to oil and gas companies is just getting started. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

- The Paid to Pollute Team, and the claimants, Mikaela, Kairin, and Jeremy